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Ike X Soren

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My lurker post [Sep. 25th, 2008|08:19 am]
Ike X Soren

[Current Mood |mellowmellow]
[Current Music |Return to Innocence]

I don't see too many people on here (weeps), but hopefully that will be rectified soon! I found this positively adorable IkeXSoren fanfic on deviantArt, so I thought I'd post the link here. Bear in mind that this stroke of literary genius did not emerge from the tip of my pen. It was written by Glitter-BlackSky. Please give her your love and adoration!
Well, enjoy!
Just Friendly Training
Oh, one more note. This is under the mature content rating, so DeviantArt blocks it to unregistered users and users under the age of 18. If you cannot access it, just leave a comment, and I'll post the story itself.
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(no subject) [Sep. 24th, 2008|08:35 am]
Ike X Soren

[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]
[Current Music |Leva's Polka]

I think we need some posts on here, so I just want to make a request plea:

If you hadn't noticed, this forum doesn't have any good icons or... well, anything... so if someone could make a few cool icons for this community, I would be eternally grateful!
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